Bill Williams Mountain Men

For over half a century the Bill Williams Mountain Men have carried on the traditions of 19th-Century fur trappers and adventurers of the old west. They promote the history of the Mountain Man through fundraisers and appearances at local parades and events around the state, including schools and hospitals.

The Bill Williams Mountain Men organization hosts fundraising events that support local communities through scholarships, school donations, veterans groups, and those who have fallen on hard times.

The Mountain Men have participated in five Presidential inaugural parades and are listed as a Local Legacy by the Library of Congress. They are official Ambassadors for the State of Arizona.

Read the story of Bill Williams and his Mountain Men in this article by Arizona’s official state historian, Marshall Trimble, in True West Magazine:

Bill Williams: Mountain Man

Chuck Rohlfing, Mountain Man

Chuck was a Mountain Man for many years and travelled around the country raising money for charities and celebrating the traditions established by Bill Williams.